Constance Le Prince Maurice

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Date of departure 28 Jan 2012

Review written on 29 Jan 2012

5 on  5

Great hotel

Everything was great - room, service, all staff and activities.
Our suite has great location - right on the beach with direct access to the sand - highly recommend it. Other suites is behind with gardens and trees in front and not so close, and the view is particular.
The food is good, but there always missed fresh catch of the day in the menu - you need to ask for that, you can't read this on...
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Date of departure 11 Sep 2011

Review written on 12 Sep 2011

5 on  5

the best hotel ever!

words cant describe this hotel and the people that are running it. the service, the food, the employees, the room, the special feeling that everybody tried to give us (it was our honeymoon) was extraordinary!

we will come back for sure!
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Date of departure 20 Aug 2011

Review written on 21 Aug 2011

5 on  5

Most relaxing holiday ever....

Le Prince Maurice: calmness, beautiful setting, delicious food, wonderful atmosphere, dedicated stuff.... Perfect place for honeymoon...    Sandy recommends


Date of departure 24 May 2011

Review written on 25 May 2011

5 on  5


Everything is great on this hotel. The food, service and activities are outstanding. we will definitely recommend it!

   bri recommends


Date of departure 23 Jan 2011

Review written on 24 Jan 2011

5 on  5

Wonderful honeymoon with baby

We spent 8 days in that really outstanding and wonderful resort. The atmosphere was very closed, cosy and relaxing. We had a very nice suite with beach view, lovely furniture and spacious enough for us and our 1 year old baby. The quality of our daily half board-three-course menus "a la carte" was absolutely fantastic (we both gained at least 2 kg in one week). Staff was extremely friendly especially...    Read more from anonymous » Anonymous recommends


Date of departure 10 Dec 2010

Review written on 11 Dec 2010

4 on  5


Our stay was good but small things have been downgraded versus last year… looks like the Prince Maurice has put some cost saving activities in place! Still this remains a perfect hotel on a perfect location!

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Date of departure 08 Aug 2010

Review written on 09 Aug 2010

5 on  5


We had an excellent stay at Le Prince Maurice!

The hotel is just perfect... Great location, very nice suites, excellent service, great food... Just awesome!
   Maria recommends


Date of departure 27 Jul 2010

Review written on 28 Jul 2010

5 on  5


The hotel is really nice. The best of all was the service and kindness of all the staff. The suite was really nice. It is decorated nicely with flowers and had placed a table full of nice delicacies for us to enjoy since we arrived after dinner and they knew we would be hungry. Once I wanted to have some food heated that I had bought earlier at the hotel and it was 1a.m. I thought it was too late but...    Read more from haj » Haj recommends


Date of departure 10 Apr 2010

Review written on 11 Apr 2010

5 on  5


Excellent location, Excellent service. Cuisine good but too "chef-oriented" for our Mediterranean tastes.

   Luis recommends


Date of departure 08 Mar 2010

Review written on 09 Mar 2010

5 on  5

It was fantastic

Fantastic, everything was very well organized, the people were all extremely kind, just a dream place to visit and revisit.

   Simon recommends


Date of departure 01 Feb 2010

Review written on 02 Feb 2010

5 on  5


Very good holidays in an excellent hotel... All the services were good.
Excellent support for your local agent.

   joao recommends


Date of departure 06 Dec 2009

Review written on 07 Dec 2009

5 on  5


It was a great vacation. I don't have any remarks. I am sure we will take advantage of this hotel again next year.

   hans recommends


Date of departure 23 Aug 2009

Review written on 24 Aug 2009

5 on  5

Wonderful hotel

Wonderful hotel, wonderful service, great location, many activities, not crowded

   patrick recommends

United Kingdom 

Date of departure 02 Apr 2007

Review written on 03 Apr 2007

5 on  5

Sheer Indulgence!

Le Prince Maurice is a beautiful, small "hideaway" hotel. As part of Constance Hotels, it is pure luxury from start to finish.We stayed in a senior suite complete with CD & DVD player, stunning teak interior,outside private marble bath & private (heated if required) pool.There is a library where you can order your preferred daily newspaper or borrow DVDs. The main restaurant serves excellent fresh...    Read more from mark » Mark recommends