Arthur Miller, the playwright and essayist, hit the nail on the head when he described the essence of America as being its promise. And for fresh-off-the-plane travelers, the promise of the United States takes on almost mystical proportions. A land of enormous, dazzling cities, alpine lakes, towering redwoods, barren deserts, rolling vineyards and a fantastic coastline of awe-inspiring beauty just about sums it up – and all that can be found in just one state - California!


Statue of Liberty from below, front.


The good news is that there are forty-nine more states just begging to be explored in the United States, containing an outstanding mix of cultural and natural wonders. From the great plains of the Mid West, and the endless forests of the Pacific Northwest, to the urban glitz of Las Vegas and the staggering monuments of New York City, the United States truly has it all. America is home to a score of the world’s greatest cities – New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco and many more besides – each one a bustling metropolis brimming with their own notions of entertainment, cuisine and culture.


A closer look at the United States reveals an incredible variety of lifestyles, landscapes and cultures. The eclectic music scene of Nashville, Tennessee, the captivating free spirit of New Orleans, the magnificent waterfront of San Francisco, the tropical beach paradise of Miami – the list just goes on and on.


Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco


The American Dream becomes the traveler’s dream for all who come to its shores. With opportunities to fulfill every secret wish and dark desire, it’s possible to spend an entire lifetime traveling the US and still not achieve it all. Never has such a daunting land been quite so enticing – the striking landscapes, the vibrant mix of peoples, the spectacular city skylines and the awesome natural wonders equate to a land of seduction that has few equals.


Welcome to Las Vegas


With out of the way hamlets, and remote wildernesses that are just as ‘American’ as the nation’s showpiece monuments and icons, one of the biggest dilemmas for travelers will be where to go first. Such is the United State’s diversity, it’s simply impossible to see it all.

Main attractions: New York, California, Los Angeles, Florida, Chicago, San Francisco, Grand Canyon, Hawaii, New Orleans, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Denver, Seattle, Boston

Budget for one week: €1,200

Currency: US Dollar

Taxes and gratuity: Tipping is recommended

Official language: English

Area: 3,794,101 sq mi

Population: 313,674,000


  • Voltage: 110-120 Volts (Most other areas are 220-240 Volts)
  • Primary Socket Type: North American Grounded
  • Multi-voltage appliances (laptops, etc.): Plug adapter
  • 220-240V appliances: Plug adapter + step-up transformer
  • 100V Japanese appliances: Japan to U.S. reducer transformer

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