Mauritius.For a change from the ordinary Island paradise vacation, investigate Mauritius. This world class slice of tropical luxury offers not only carefree Island living, but extravagance like you cannot believe. Sandy beaches kiss cobalt seas here in a flawless blend of excitement and leisure time.


Aside the cultural diversity, the fascinating history, and even the incomparable beauty of this place, the people of Mauritius are the true gems of discovery here. Grinding out their lives on one of our planet’s most wondrous resort destinations, visitors catch a glimpse of what it is like to get off work in Shangri La.


Welcome to Eden


Mauritius.Treat yourself to Sailing, rock climbing, jet skiing, parasailing, hiking, camping, and SCUBA on and offshore of Mauritius. The most developed of the Mascarene Islands, Mauritius sits like a floating blossom in the Indian Ocean – a bit of Africa, mixed with India, and imbued with the spirits of France. As you might guess, the mix is wonderful and fascinating. Port Louis, one of the wealthiest ports in this or any region, offers its brand of cosmopolitan charm. Meanwhile, the towns of the central part of the Island present a display of virgin forests and paradise – one of the last true echoes of Eden.


Stunning lagoons, remote adjacent Islands, this is not just your typical beach destination – but if it’s beaches and suntan oil you love… Match all this wonder with the smiling faces of the people of paradise – and not a crowded and over commercialized one – and you have a bit of a good postcard from Mauritius. And then add…


Food and Friends


The African, Indian, Chinese, and French culinary treats here are unbelievable. Even without the lush backdrop, just the quality and diversity of cuisines here would be worthy of a visit. Enjoy your gourmet beach blanket picnic accompanied by the beat of séga music, the party beckons via the rhythm.


So, it should be obvious that no picture or even video can adequately depict heaven, even in Earthly form. Less even, words on a travel site, no matter how inflected. You’ll just have to fly or swim over for a visit. There’s only one problem, you may not want to board the return flight.




Budget for one week: An average of 1,000 €

Taxes and gratuities: Tips are nice.

Currency: Mauritian rupee

Spoken language and / or official language: English

Major cities: Port Louis, Vacoas, Curepipe, Quatre Bornes and Grand Bay


Main images courtesy: © -; Jody Sticca