Not many places on Earth compare in natural beauty with the Dominican Republic. Ultra hip beaches like in Caberete, all inclusive resorts, windsurfing to whale watching, there’s almost no end to the awe inspiring and fun things to see and do here.


Dominican Republic.


One trip to the sprawled out sands of Punta Cana, a relaxing afternoon there, and you’ll be sold like everyone else on this paradise Island. Palm trees dotting the landscape, chic hotels outlined against the brilliant sky, you get the picture, the Dominican Republic is a vacation picture postcard. Spas, Casinos, kids’ attractions, even if you’ve visited here, a lot has changed with the Island’s latest growth spurt.


Shades of Amber


Beach.The North of the Dominican Republic is widely known for its rich Amber deposits, ergo its shores being nicknamed the Amber Coast. This is also where famed explorer Christopher Columbus stepped ashore on his first voyage of discovery, a place of incomparable natural beauty in the Caribbean.


To the South, visitors will find mile upon mile of pristine beaches, and wonderful Santo Domingo, the capital. This first among American cities, offers all the cosmopolitan convenience, with an unmistakable Island flavor. The colonial heritage of the city is well preserved too. Monasteries, the first cathedral in the America’s, a myriad of 16th Century historic attractions will welcome you to a new world too. A world where fun is the national pastime.


A Modern Model of Caribbean Paradise


Dancer.Santo Domingo’s past now blends flawlessly with the more modern face of Caribbean life. Nonstop living has replaced the old siesta sect, but not the relaxation factor. A sort of magic has transformed this legendary travel spot, somehow, into much more of a trendy touristic destination.


Outside the wonderful colonial atmospheres of Gagcue and Malecon, visitors are confronted with a bit of Vegas, mixed in with the Riviera, and where the Merengue and Bachata mix to form the Dominican Republic’s night scene. It is at night, ironically, that this destination really comes alive. Spend your day sightseeing the wonderful colonial structures and markets, but get ready for the nighttime. Everyone in or outside of Santo Domingo, the people celebrate life like you’ve never seen.


Budget for one week: More than 750 Euro

Taxes and gratuities: Gratuity is recommended

Local currency: Peso

Spoken language and/or official language: Spanish

Area: 48,442 km2 (18,704 sq mi)

Population: 9,378,818

Sanitary requirements: You can drink tap water some places

Major cities: Santo Domingo, Santiago de los Caballeros, La Romana, San Cristóbal.


Main images courtesy: Wikipedia, Michelle Brea and Mohamed Iujaz Zuhair