Everything you need to know about travel by Plane, Train, Car and other means of transport.


Traveling while pregnant

Traveling by plane presents fewer risks to a pregnant woman than traveling by car. For long distances, there’s nothing better than air travel. If your pregnancy doesn't present any other counter-arguments to a long journey, travel with a large belly nevertheless necessitates some precautions, given the valuable nature of the cargo. Try to depart between the 16th and 28th week: after 4 months ... Read

Little things that can spoil your flight experience

To dream of traveling is already to have traveled, but sometimes travel begins with a nightmare. 10 least-desired yet most frequent situations: the seat won't recline. Now I get to sit straight up during the entire duration of the flight. If in addition the passenger in front of me never wants to put his seat back up, and the naughty kid behind me is continuously pounding my back with his ... Read

What is Forbidden in the Aircraft Cabin

The regulations are international, or at least they apply to all travel by plane. They are complicated, even subtle and not always very well understood or accepted by the traveler who must throw away his bottle of fruit juice (if only that). In addition to maintaining a relaxed attitude, it is advised to limit the number of items and to place as much as possible in the checked bag(s). Sharp ... Read

Airplane travel with children

Airplane travel with children is not a problem in itself. When, however, they get bored and try the patience not only of their parents but of the passengers around them, they can become a problem, and a great source of stress to their parents. An average flight of around 4 hours, or, even worse, a long haul of 10 hours, will seem much longer for a small person aged 5 who, even on ... ... Read

Car rental insurance

Insurance is normally a complicated matter. Were you hoping to turn your brain off while on holiday? That’s not possible, well not before you have read trough the tedious car rental agreement. Patience! Supplementary coverage - Essential: any car rental includes public liability insurance (or third party insurance), subscribed to by the car rental agency and that is included in the basic ... Read