Keep your life simple when you travel. Hints and Tips to help you plan your holiday, benefit from the best offers.


Pass through Airport security more easily

Since the September 11 attacks, whenever I fly, the experience gives me the impression that I’m a potential criminal who is undoubtedly guilty of something. With all the security, the long parade of checkpoints to which we must submit ourselves, forces us to arrive at the airport 3 hours before take-off. You can nevertheless save some time... time to burn swiping your credit card ... ... Read

How to pay less for air travel

These variables all contribute to the fluctuation of airfares. Flying is expensive, and I will not pass up an opportunity to save money on my airplane ticket, if it gets me to spend an extra night in my Marrakech riad. Low-cost airplane tickets, kerosene prices, airport taxes, cost of living, free market, growing number of travel distribution networks... Here is the law of supply and demand ... Read

Navigating the car rental market

There is huge competition in the car rental market. This is a good thing for the customer-traveler who wants to be independent and enjoy freedom of movement in the country he is visiting. But how can you navigate your way through the big names that dominate the market, the brokers that are emerging as key players, and low-cost websites? Internet: make use of the net and save yourself ... Read