Tips to help you plan your trip, for your own peace of mind !


3 essential accessories for a 4 hour flight (or more)

The travel neck pillow, headrest, inflatable headrest pillow, head holder: whatever, they’re all ‘U, for useful’. Call it whatever you want but I put it down as the most important accessory you need when you take a plane. It's what will help you prevent a stiff neck or to avoid looking like one of those dismembered persons sleeping; you know, things like mouth wide open, head abruptly falls ... Read

What is an Authentic review ?

Authentic reviews are simply reviews written by real travelers who have actually stayed at the establishment in question. When searching for hotels or other lodgings on, you can be confident that the Authentic reviews are neither falsified, self-promotion from the establishment itself, nor negative reviews left by malicious competitors. An authentic review is reassuring because ... Read

Travel gift boxes, from dream to reality

Plus points: An all-around gift with an abundant offering and other discoveries at very competitive prices. Down sides: the promises are only binding for those who honor them. Scam or brilliant concept? Undoubtedly a bit of each, a marketing ploy that at any rate works well, but deserves better execution. An inescapable product in recent years, and especially highly visible around ... Read

Summer Travel, Northern Hemisphere

What’s the difference between spring and summer on the French Riviera or the Brittany peninsula? Is there any? I can already hear the shouts of protest! On the coasts of the Mediterranean, it can be found in the distance between beach towels and the price of a soda in the snack bar! Perfect: Hawaii, the perfect destination in all seasons; all European destinations, for cultural visits ... Read

Winter Travel, Southern Hemisphere

The southern summer = heavy rain and humidity during the first 3 months of the year, and the strong probability of cyclones in the Indian Ocean. But since when does Mauritius not host travelers in February? Aim for the half-season: November and December, not too humid yet without the extreme heat of the Indian Ocean (January/February/March). Perfect: beautiful season for South Africa ... Read

Summer Travel, Southern Hemisphere

Even though an ‘off-season’ (June – September) exists in the Southern Hemisphere, it is definitely less marked. It’s the rainy season in East Africa. Of-course , destinations along the Equator are always the exception (always hot). Perfect: Réunion for its crater hikes: without a doubt the most beautiful hikes in the world; South Africa and Namibia, even if you need a quilt at night ... Read

Packing your suitcase

Traveling light: a real challenge considering the number of kilos allotted and the unpredictable variables separating a suitcase you may take to New York in autumn from the one you take to Mauritius in the middle of summer in the southern hemisphere. The key is your destination: that will determine how you pack your bags... along with your common sense. This also concerns those who don't ... Read

Travel agent and Tour operator - What role do they play?

Trips and Stays: on the surface the whole thing seems pretty simple (return trip, lodging, meals and entertainment), but in fact it's a complicated equation with several factors involved. There’s the option of purchasing directly or going through someone else. Who are these intermediaries and how do they manage to offer you a dream product: A holiday! The travel agency comes to mind when ... Read

Winter Travel, Northern Hemisphere

Our Earth: two quite distinct halves of the same orange with, in the middle, the Equatorial dividing line and its indistinct climatic variations. A holiday planned for the right season more often than not ends with happy memories than a vacation in unfavorable weather conditions. You can also pay less attention to the weather forecast, which is a very haphazard science. It all depends on ... Read