Holidays in the sun and travel medication


Is the Sun your friend ?

A quote from Woody Allen: "Everything our parents said was good is bad: Sun, milk, red meat, college." Let us set aside milk, red meat and college, which don't fit the present topic, and concentrate on the sun. So is it our friend or enemy? The great benefit of the sun, or rather the immeasurable benefit of the sun is that it is at the origin of all life on Earth and it's exactly ... Read

Medical Travel Kit

The ideal first aid kit: one adapted to your destination. Whether you're are on a hike or the sidewalks of 5th Avenue, having a small, well-planned first aid kit handy can provide immediate comfort and limit damage. In case you are being treated for a medical condition: don't forget your medication. Always transport them in their original packaging with their instructions, keep them or ... Read

Do I need to take Anti-Malarial medication?

The enemy: the female Anopheles mosquito. Mosquitos: Weapons of mass destruction. What about medication? Malaria is no trivial disease, because there is no vaccine. Once the female Anopheles has bitten, parasites invade the liver causing chronic infection throughout the body. Given that risk, you may well wonder: should I use preventative treatment or not? Why is there any doubt ... Read

How to choose Sunscreen

Welcome to the cloudy world of Sunscreens ! Why make it simple when it can be so complex ? Understand before you choose so you can make the right decision. We realize that the sun can damage your skin so here's some advice to find THE right sunscreen for you. Everyone can get sunburned, but we all have different skin. Light, fair skin is obviously more sensitive ... Read